We began offering our hand-crafted artisanal ties and pocket squares in 2016. Here at ElegantErkel.com, we use great craftsmanship and exclusive designs to consistently provide a sense of pride to our customers that they aren’t able to find anywhere else. We have two simple objectives: To offer world-class accessories to those looking to don quality products they can be proud of, and to encourage others to be bold enough to try. We create limited edition neckwear and pocket squares using unique and rare fabrics cultivated from suppliers around the world.

After years of wearing solid and striped ties to meetings and events, we began to notice how common most tie designs were. There was a need for more bold patterns and color-ways. That's when we felt a spark! We set out to combine our vision for the perfectly elegant tie with our creative approach to design. Our exclusive pieces are sourced through various networks of suppliers that we've built relationships with. What does that mean for you? More quality material. More rare and exclusive designs. And more product options.

Each collection of Elegant Erkél designs is uniquely crafted to over-exceed expectations and guaranteed to entice compliments. We hope you enjoy wearing each piece as much as we did crafting them.

Why choose Elegant Erkél?

  1. We don't make styles in bulk (unless ordered)
  2. Our quality ties aren't cheap quality
  3. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED
  4. We offer a Curated service that allows you to design your own pieces
  5. Unique products
  6. Easy access to great customer service


Honestly, when is the last time you fell in love with a tie?

Since our founding in early 2016, we’ve been working tirelessly to expand our product offerings and improve the experience of our customers. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to performing even better. We’ve got our sights set on being the #1 online Neckwear line out there, which is why we never settle for just being okay.
To ensure maximum satisfaction and bespoke quality to our customers, we make each piece to order, how you want it. Our fine clothing promises meticulous creation, great fabrics, and the best designs from around the globe; all made to help express your elegance. We offer styles in skinny, classic, both pre-tie and self-tied bowtie, as well as pocket squares. From the slip-stitch that joins the tie, to the bar tacks and custom backing, we deliver a finesse and craftsmanship that cannot be achieved anywhere else!

So what makes us so unique? Is it our meticulous craftsmanship. Maybe it's our unapologetically bold and forward designs. Or how we embody the true essence of DC's one-of-a-kind style and bring confidence to life. Needless to say, we use our local neckwear brand to bring ideas and dreams to fruition!
Whether you're styling for the office, going to happy hour with some friends, or just having a night out on the town; you can look forward to always looking your best. Our ties provide the perfect median for you to live life with confidence and distinction that leaves an impression.
How do you want to be remembered?

We also offer a métier service previously reserved for our most exclusive clientele. This service, rightfully named “Curated Creations by Erkél" gives you a more hands on experience in designing your Erkél. From the width and length, to the color and design of the tie, you will have direct access with a designer who will craft an exclusive piece made just for you. The perfect service for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.